Forex Copy for Masters

Additional Income to Your Trade

About Forex Copy

If you are a successful trader willing to show off and share your talent with others, this is an excellent opportunity for you. You can show the Forex trading community you are one of the best and earn an attractive compensation for sharing your strategy with others by becoming a Forex Copy Master.

As a Forex Copy Master you can continue to trade in your usual way, but you will be rewarded with additional revenue based on how many Subscribers choose to follow your trades.

Advantages for Masters

High Profit

Profit can be received as a percentage of the volume, and in the form of other options for remuneration, for example, fees for daily subscriptions or amounts from a single transaction.

They Are Thousands

A large number of subscribers will allow you to receive revenue comparable to usual trade.

Partnership Program

You can open an additional partner’s account and attract subscribers through it, getting a double benefit.

How to Become a Forex Copy Master?

Schritt 1

Open a Real Account

Schritt 2

Register as a Master

Schritt 3

Your account will be added to the Masters' List

On average, each master has 3 subscribers who bring a 20% profit on each deal. If you feel that you can become a good master, open an account right now.